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you won the capital market will be more high, can also be the farther you fall. At the moment, vip.com.

vip.com today announced third quarter earnings, revenue of $1 billion 363 million, an increase of 54%, continued to decline in the previous quarter, the trend of growth. More importantly, vip.com’s first decline in the performance of the chain, breaking the record of 14 consecutive quarters of revenue growth.

is the corresponding, vip.com shares appear cliff style slump. From the release of the results of the early warning to the official earnings announcement, less than 5 days, vip.com’s share price fell by 35%, the market value of more than $2 billion 500 million evaporation.

after the flash purchase cut a cake market, vip.com tried to copy more success. In addition to continue to expand on the category, vip.com also try to buy in the model, open platform, overseas shopping and other services. These in essence there is a world of difference and flash purchase format, vip.com will gradually be dragged into the quagmire.

shares plunged

overnight, vip.com investors feel the ruthless and pressure on the capital market.

November 13th evening, vip.com released results early warning: 2015 third quarter revenue of 8 billion 600 million to 8 billion 700 million yuan, annual growth of 61% to 63%, while the previous estimated that annual growth of 71% to 74%, is expected to 9 billion 100 million yuan to 9 billion 300 million yuan.


Vip.com’s share price immediately fell

. The previous day’s closing price of $18.62 to $13.25 opening price, vip.com per share before the disk fell nearly 30%. In the U.S. stock forum, vip.com investors began to shout: "this is the big institutional investors scheme; those abhorrent to the collapse of the Zhuang asked; when…


vip.com’s explanation is that the company’s third quarter revenue lower than expected, mainly because Chinese autumn temperatures are higher than the company expected, it also allows consumers to postpone the purchase of relatively expensive winter clothing.

capital markets do not buy it. Vip.com’s stock price continued to fall like a broken kite. The evening of November 16th, in the United States listed Jingdong announced third quarter earnings, the stock price rose by its positive. Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu also played in the subsequent analyst meeting vip.com’s face, said the company’s clothing category sales are not affected by the weather.

November 18th, vip.com third quarter earnings finally announced the true face of Mount Lu. Data show that revenues of $1 billion 363 million, an increase of 54%, a decline of 6%. This is in the previous quarter growth rate dropped to 75%, vip.com’s growth rate fell sharply again.