Chinese people’s living room is becoming lively, lying in the corner to eat gray router for many years to become the spotlight star. Millet with wooden package will be sent to the routing fancier hands, 360 with a suitcase secure routing it to the hands of test pilot. 23 millet new conference also allegedly associated with routing. Prior to this, there are extremely routing, routing, Netcore and other smart router players. Now, Ali also laicourenao.


Sina reported that Ali will launch intelligent router – Tmall magic tube at the end of May, Ali had already launched Tmall and Tmall magic box plate, a TV box has shipped more than 500 thousand; the other is a portable WIFI, and veteran routing vendor D-Link cooperation, Tmall magic tube also cooperate with the product. Based on Ali cloud OS, created by TV division. Another in the field of intelligent hardware is quite positive Baidu has a three piece product portfolio: small WIFI, routing and shadow stick, exactly the same as Tmall’s three magic combination.

small degree of routing and Baidu video and Baidu cloud closely, can speed and remote download; it will be loaded into their own services to the router, giving users a new experience. Tmall magic will naturally live with Ali’s living room and Ali cloud depth integration.

vertical integration of living room entertainment, integrated services

Ali had been in the living room close to the overall layout.

hardware level box also has a partnership with SKYWORTH and other manufacturers to cool the TV; the level of software Ali Smart TV alliance and TV system; Ma has also invested in a number of Chinese culture and China, they have content resources or licenses; Ali also made their own or voted games, music, reading and other resources (small shrimp).

Ali finished the living room, except the network. Due to the special nature of radio and television operators and operators, Ali is difficult to go through the router can fill this ring. The direct benefit of vertical integration is the integration of experience. The deeper the degree of integration, the more obvious integration. Ali can be based on the router to carry out smart TV acceleration, network browsing speed. Hearsay said the route has been used millet Sogou prefetch engine technology.

a lot of voices believe that Ali so much emphasis on smart TV, is to seize the user more time in the living room, and then their own electricity supplier business into the living room, the habit of living room shopping.



Ali’s ambition is not this, forget the TV shopping

first, digital entertainment itself is a big business, Ali is very interested in this.

in the user willingness to pay strong copyright protection into the schedule (NORA transformation), the online payment tool is very rich, digital entertainment is turning from fees or value-added model free + advertising, especially in the living room. The living room is suitable for family viewing, 4K, 3D popularity means Home >