customers, is the Alibaba’s alimama launched by commodity promotion platform clinch a deal, you do not have to purchase, delivery, not to mention your sales process to participate in commodities in chores, only need a buy connection, can let you enjoy a total of 1.5% commercial -50% Commission. Therefore, Taobao customers become a tool for many webmaster friends on the Internet to make money.

in the early launch of Taobao customers, the competition is not so easy to do a little bit easier for Taobao customers. But now, a guest team increasingly large, all kinds of promotion methods have come in handy, easy to do a guest most probably it did not actually happen that view is completely mistaken. Adsense with the Google exit from the mainland, its leadership position is declining, the interests of the owners can be described as a direct impact, we do not change the idea, to be a Taobao.

do Taobao guest, the first step is how to choose a successful product. If the product is not good, even if the traffic is large, you can not maximize your interests, then how do we choose products, as the saying goes, the best money for women and children. Then we do more with them related to the site, such as women like slim, we will promote weight loss products, weight loss drugs; women like strong chest, we do breast enhancement products promotion. In short, you can refer to your online friends of the views of women, and women are like online shopping, you have a great guide to the conversion rate. Select the product, the most important thing is to choose a high commission products, so that we can afford the time.

the second step is to do a high conversion rate of natural resources, small and medium-sized webmaster friends can choose to do a single page promotion, or list promotion. One of the major characteristics of the promotion of the list is the choice of products are hot sales of products, there is no problem in terms of credibility. By comparing each other, the reader is likely to have a desire to buy. This list promotion, and the price of the same kind of website, providing information can be comparable to the reader’s desire to buy a certain role in promoting.

third is the flow. Traffic from the search engine I always thought was the best, free and stable. Here need to have a certain SEO skills, because only in the first page of the site is likely to enter the vision of potential users, only in the front page of the top three pages in order to attract the attention of potential users. SEO actually can not, as long as our site’s internal links are friendly, but also a lot of support for the chain, ranking rise is a matter of time. But one thing, do not cheat, K website want to turn over is not easy.

on the promotion, we will talk about how to carry out in the future.

finally show up my Taobao off site, weight loss drug list 2010, address: Domain name issued yesterday, today there are 2 people asked me to sell, it seems that I choose well. However, after 2010, the domain name is not true