more and more consumers began to be familiar with the sea Amoy, but also spontaneously formed a huge grassroots market, more and more people also rely on purchasing changed life. It is reported that the new sea Amoy electricity supplier " hey buy " in April will launch a new theme of promotions. The theme of the event will focus on women’s daily skin care, makeup, slimming, facial mask and private care and other five aspects, to help women find their own skin care and faster way of beauty. Hi buy also hope that through more and better theme promotions, interact with the user, the moment to ensure that users can enjoy a more intimate service.

logistics advantages to hi buy become the fastest scouring the sea pioneer

hey buy relative to other sea Amoy platform is the biggest feature of its logistics services, at this stage to take the bonded warehouse model, proprietary goods will be shipped directly in the domestic bonded warehouse, customs clearance. In the past, the domestic sea Amoy goods, consumer orders, foreign businessmen by airmail the goods to China, then long clearance procedures, on average, goods to the hands of consumers need to spend nearly 1 months.

hey buy to take the bonded warehouse mode at the same time, in the domestic distribution links and SF EXPRESS cooperation, in order to provide the best logistics experience. In the future, "hi a purchase will also use overseas direct mail, sent to the user through the speed of logistics from foreign hands, and can be the whole logistics time control in 5 days. It also solves many concerns the sea amoy. At the same time, "hi a purchase" will also be stationed in SF EXPRESS under the line "Hey Inn, let users in the first time will be able to experience the" Hi purchase "products.

hey buy will be committed to the Korean sea Amoy best goods

Although the sea Amoy

is very common, the sea Amoy website service has also been upgraded, but still can not lift the consumer preparedness psychology. For example, the shopping process is complex and can not detect the genuine goods, international logistics is too slow, the freight is not clear enough, these problems will hinder the enthusiasm to the sea amoy.

is different from other sea Amoy platform, "hi a purchase at this stage focus on South Korea" quality "goods, goods from Japan and South Korea local well-known brand suppliers, 100% authentic guarantee, all commodity prices and international," hi a purchase will guarantee the lowest price subsidy tariffs.

not only have the mass products, niche products more attractive

for sea Amoy, aimed at a niche product is "Hi one of the goals of a purchase. Before we love to follow the trend of popular, what to buy, now for 90, personality is more prominent, gradually began to have a understanding of their own lives, many popular brands have been unable to meet their appetite, more small, more is individuality, but can make them excited.

"hi a purchase for this, in the selection of links will also put more effort, not only grasp the current trends, also continue to explore more fun and more competitive special commodity >