I am a graduate in 2014 college students, specializing in e-commerce. Since graduation, has been confused to find work, basically in the relevant position of all recruitment and job sites, in addition to gender with special, always feel that they are not what they need to learn, the content is too much, but do not know how to start again. Really should be the phrase: graduation is equal to unemployment.

in view of e-commerce is the core of network marketing, in a few months to find a job without fruit, can only do what they are best at the moment: Internet and chat, so plan to open a Taobao shop.

first in the seller’s Taobao center about browsing the background of the seller, basically difficult, it is easy to understand.


looked at the store rules, a word the moment my heart pulled up the number of A, sell the baby for 3 consecutive weeks of 0, the system will send mail and want to remind you of "baby number 0 for 3 consecutive weeks, otherwise you must release the baby, the shop will be possible temporary release", a series of problems came out, suddenly felt the pressure is very big, open shop will have the baby products, but sales of what products? And where to find the source of goods? How to sell a product? How to let others know I store my product? Some people buy the shipping logistics to pay? Actually I am very sad, I do not know how to start, then several major problems listed on a piece of paper, ready to solve one by one.

shop location


positioning: Sales of products must be the people themselves and for the consumer ability must be female and young prodigal girls.

about supply

first went to our local wholesale market, household small profit margins are relatively low, although it is a high class clothes, but also the cost of goods too much pressure, it seems that the line can not get through;

then went to Baidu search some supply sites, most of them are going to press goods or money, for me this is poor and blank graduates too much pressure, the road is blocked;

since others can shunshundangdang to open shop, I can, then began a forum for crazy find sources, see a keyword "a generation" inadvertently, more and more clear, as long as the road works, solve the problem of the supply logistics problem is solved. After several comparison of the selection, to provide product images, logistics and related store optimization knowledge.

shop optimization

baby shop shelves to rash and too much in haste, is also very smooth, a copy paste, managed to store to open up. A week later, I still did not want any advice, the shop does not have an order, the problem again, why people can’t find my store? Try to search for sales of similar products, and began frantically catching, just know originally.