news September 2nd, the day before, Taobao issued new regulations that will suspend access to the mobile phone number / package / value-added services "category of goods, the seller before admission a total ban on the sale of such goods. The new regulations will come into effect on September 7, 2016.


According to Taobao released the "rules of

mobile phone number card lock up commodity adjustment announcement" rules, domestic Internet operators tariff card or SIM card tariff packages and other commodities will be sold on Ali also banned the sale of domestic travel business operators (including domestic virtual operators) all within the territory of the use of the telephone card goods. However, overseas operators of international cards and Internet access card sales.

with the three operators began to expand the history of the most stringent phone number real name system work, criminals can drill holes will be less and less. Taobao’s implementation of the new regulations will undoubtedly help the three operators to implement the real name system faster and better.

in addition, yet can carry valid identity card and the original two generation mobile phone card and the password to the operating room operators go through the real name registration of the mobile phone users real name registration.