March 25th news, the latest learned billion state power network, held a press conference in Beijing today officially signed Jay Chou, hired Jay Chou as CJO (chief officer surprise). CJO conference site

at the press conference, revealed Jay Chou took office after the CJO brand image and 419 big promotion activities to do the work of the three important:

first, change the ad

Jay Chou at the press conference pointed out that after taking office, he will put since the establishment of the ad featured brand, deep discounts, flash sale "into" is the only this brand’s adorable price,, do not tangle". He believes that modifying advertisements, advertising will be more straightforward, and funny words will be more direct, more fashionable.

second, shoot video Meng female users

for will be held in April 19th to promote, Jay Chou and Chen Man jointly with, according to the platform accounted for 80% of female users, shooting with the "Adorable" animal related video, to publicize 419 big promotion.

third, redefining the big promotion theme, with the original brand settled in will be the theme of the upcoming 419 to promote Jay Chou as the iconic unparalleled". At the same time, Jay Chou also announced its own PHANTACi tide brand clothing and endorsement of Tiinlab will be in the headset 419 big promotion when starting at, and Harlem Yu with celebrity friends such as 20 of the original brand and the joint design settled in the 419 big promotion