[TechWeb] February 6th news, along with the disappearance of the Internet dividend, electricity supplier slowdown, the combination of online and offline businesses increasingly tight. The start of 2017, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong recently announced that in order to allow users to reach, faster and better enjoy Suning quality services to thousands of small hatch Suning, clear requirements in the rural market in 2017 to open 1000 new suning.com outlets.




for the 2017 whirling economic form, Zhang Jindong expressed optimism: "no matter how others see, we are particularly optimistic about 2017". In 2016, China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 10.4% over the previous year, the contribution rate of GDP was about to become the first carriage of economic growth in the world by the year of". Zhang Jindong will be the first year in 2017 defined as Chinese consumption upgrade, the new starting point of Suning Internet retailing.

in the face of consumption upgrade brings the huge opportunity commodity sales, Zhang Jindong said to make full use of the line network experience advantage, brand products, high-end products to become the new energy consumption growth, leading the industry upgrading of consumption indicator. And a small team in the end, following the division after the company, further the establishment of a large number of Brand Company, hatch tens of thousands of "small Su Ning", and said it will hold a global supplier conference at the end of February, open data, finance, logistics and other resources, to open up the retail supplier to the cloud, enabling suppliers.

2017, Zhang Jindong to open in the deployment of "focus" is the theme, set the tone in the layout of the six major industries on the basis of the primary focus, set the tone for retail, with products and mechanisms to promote collaborative operation of six major industries. He is required to get through the open data members, the establishment of the group level central open cockpit; brand market, Suning established a unified IP resources; benefit mechanism through the establishment of a transparent long-term benefit sharing platform, realize the concept of "create a healthy and happy life quality" for the user. (Wang Kaka)