at the turn of the year, they take inventory of various industries to do. China’s e-commerce industry in 2011 experienced an unprecedented ups and downs, tangled in the throes and fast through, thrive, with the roller coaster to describe the electricity supplier industry in 2011 is not too much. In 2010 with Mcglaughlin, has Nasdaq, China electricity supplier development has been the international capital market recognition, which pushed the domestic hot money have at the business enterprise, triggered a new round of this year’s electricity investment boom. Under the background of competition, business platform have to get together online, the same category B2C platform homogenization phenomenon is very serious, started regardless of the cost, crazy burn grab the market, grab the user of the road. In this round of "chaos" in the war, it certainly is big e-commerce platform competition basically is a foregone conclusion, can be expected in 2012, the new electricity supplier brand to do a comprehensive category of electronic business platform will become extremely difficult, only differentiated market strategy, from the sub single product breakthrough can find a road to success.

if you often visit Taobao big sellers shop or brand electricity supplier website, it is not difficult to find that they sell the products are concentrated in some of the independent category baby above, in fact, this is the result of a single product marketing. Single product marketing originally derived from the line, but it is easier to play on the line of power. With the development of precise positioning technology of the Internet, to find the market segments of a single product target audience becomes relatively easy. Practice has proved that in the flow of electricity supplier costs continue to rise today, the network marketing strategy of single product, more easily focused quality media resources for new electricity supplier brand quickly into the market, improve the single product sales conversion rate, improve sales and related products sales, create brand awareness is obvious, the network marketing strategy more scientific and effective. Most of the domestic large-scale B2C platform and the beginning of the line Taobao sellers are using a single product breakthrough strategy. According to informed sources: the Jingdong in 2011 accounted for 20% of the SKU, brought 60% of its sales 29 yuan; where the printing T-shirt category, 2010 single category sales exceeded 3 million, 2011 is a breakthrough in 10 million; this year by Taobao to break through the traditional brand 100 is using just five months to create from the day the sale of 4 thousand to the date of the sale of the impressive record of 2 million 100 thousand single product focus strategy.

to do a single category marketing strategy, first of all from the understanding need to clear the single category breakthrough is not simply a special offer promotion, but to the single category of packaging sales alone, refining highlights, create a concept, and guide customers to elaborate a single category marketing page, and through the layers of guide promote the purchase behavior. A single category marketing strategy is a systematic project in planning a single category marketing strategy need to start from a single product choice, and strategy inventory, equipped with a single category of landing page optimization, promotion planning, flow of resources to the rhythm of the full range of comprehensive consideration of the menu items, make overall arrangements, quickly detonated.

from single product selection through the direct feedback of operational data node >