in the previous article mentioned there will be a lot of network promotion methods, the most widely used in China, relatively basic is SEO and PPC, in contact with the enterprise service, as long as you speak of website promotion, they will have two reactions, one is to publish information on the Internet, what. What landing, the classification of information site, what the Alibaba’s B2B, this is the early online publicity methods, now do more direct method of e-commerce is Baidu and Google PPC and through some SEO skills.

so, in many enterprises have started pouring network promotion, you do PPC, he did, you do blog information dissemination, publicity, he did, you do the forum post, he still do, you want to win, imagine that can quickly get benefit from the Internet. I am afraid it has been difficult, and is not only the search rankings on the competition, even some of the leading Jingdong: E-commerce mall, Dangdang and excellence, new brands such as business is from the original network all-round promotion, is now beginning to fight the product quality, price and logistics and distribution services, which shows the the entire e-commerce market competition has intensified


this case, you must integrate network marketing, not only is the integration of the methods, but you need to have a deep reflection on the horizontal and vertical two aspects, including traditional marketing line, so that you maximize the effect. So how to integrate:

first, said that under the vertical thinking, take the bidding and SEO, see the word for advertising many enterprises throughout the year are a word, can not change it, even more surprising is that no matter what the key, he is so classic rotation advertising words. This auction advertisement will have a good effect? My advice, according to your business services and products, different seasons and festivals, the time correlation function of the products, price, always launch promotional activities, analysis of the large B2C site and content delivery network bidding advertising, whether text and pictures, video, FLASH and they are doing very fine, can learn Payeasy emotional marketing, absolutely will let you change the habit of thinking mode of network advertising.


SEO again, many people regard the limitations of SEO in key words, in fact, search marketing trends from the social point of view, it is just part of a keyword, and is the most fiery, and pictures, video and expression of these creative optimization, we did not use too much, a lot of people say this is personal webmaster rotten trick, I do not recognize, as long as you put these do fine, as to increase their own propaganda, can bring customers.

is the second, the lateral thinking, this requires you to be selective in the integration of different products and services for different user groups, to find suitable for their most effective advertising portfolio >