Internet innovation has become the new normal entity business transformation, open Internet platform entity business operators, businesses and consumers of common services, will boost the real business transformation, to create more to meet consumer demand for commercial real target. In January 20th, the "real business + Internet service providers who fly scene signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Xinhua Department Store Group in Ningxia, Yinchuan, 8 Xinhua Department Store Group’s new headquarters, ccmall, the old building shop shopping center will be fully stationed fifast open platform. The signing of the aircraft is another milestone in the development of the Northwest market, will play a positive role in promoting the transformation of the real estate business in the northwest of the internet.  

Xinhua Department Store Group is the only entity in Ningxia area of a listed company, is one of the leading brands in the northwest region of the real business. This cooperation, who will fly Xinhua Department Store Group provides a full range of "Internet plus" solution, build Wi-Fi, beacon and other information infrastructure for the Xinhua Department Store Group’s 8 shopping centers using Internet technologies to achieve parking, find shops, queuing, film and other services, enhance the consumer online shopping experience, but also will to the shopping center to open membership, integration, big data sharing and more Internet resources. These solutions will help Xinhua Department Store Group to build a new business model, the transformation of the wisdom of the commercial development of the fast lane.

it is understood that, as of now, including Wanda Group, Wanda Plaza, etc., including the 600 shopping centers and fly open platform for strategic cooperation. The fly where app downloads reached 7 million 200 thousand, the total number of members of up to 100 million. Flying through the construction of a variety of high-quality consumer scenarios, hand in hand to cooperate with the shopping center to provide consumers with the Internet to help line shopping under the new mobile shopping. The strategic cooperation with Xinhua Department Store is an important step forward to promote the open platform strategy. The future will be extensive services in major shopping centers and domestic business entities is complex, full range of grafted Internet, the rapid realization of the "Internet plus", helping all shopping center from the line of "long".