many places are talking about ways to make money on the site, but this should be the most complete. If you feel that there are omissions, you can add the following oh.

need to be aware that this is the way to make money, rather than making more money. Increase traffic, improve click rate, you can make the icing on the cake, but they themselves do not represent a way to make money. For example, the integration of AdSense ads to the site article can be profitable for the site. But in fact, this is not a way to make money, but by increasing the amount of advertising to make money in the form of expression, the real way to profit is PPC and network.

the following methods are divided into direct and indirect two ways to study together.

direct mode

1 PPC ad

Google PPC (PAY PER CLICK) is the best choice, but in fact, many advertising agencies are providing PPC advertising AdSense. If you want to make money in this way, you first need to register an account, and then add a number of code on your site. After the advertising alliance will provide advertising according to the content of your website (possibly text ads, image ads may be), finally, if someone clicks on the ads, you can get some clicks according to the advertisement.

PPC advertising revenue depends on the site’s overall traffic, advertising click through rate (CTR) and average click price (CPC). CTR depends on the layout of the site, such as floating ads and articles in the advertising click rate is relatively high. CPC is dependent on the industry attributes of the site, real estate mortgage, financial products, as well as the average click on school education websites generally higher than the price of technical websites.

of course, site traffic is also one of the factors affecting CTR. Natural traffic from search engines is more likely to click on ads, because visitors are looking for information. And social media traffic is rarely click on ads, they usually ignore the existence of advertising.

2 CPM advertising alliance

The form of the

CPM ad network is very similar to the PPC ad network, the only difference is that the CPM advertising alliance is the number of impressions on the user’s Web site (such as page views) to pay the user. The full name of CPM is Cost per Mile, that is, the cost per thousand people.

if a blog banner has 100 thousand page views per month, and the price of CPM is $1, then the owner of the blog is $100 per month.

advertising alliance, ad placement and advertising style will affect the price of CPM. Advertising better, attract advertising companies, the higher the price CPM. The closer to the top of the page, the higher the CPM price. Ad size