[Reuters] news billion state power in April 28th, officially announced the launch of WeChat payment function on Watsons cosmetics chain enterprises, customers can through WeChat wallet function to complete the online payment in the store.

billion state power network has learned, Watsons uses WeChat "card" function, the user clicks on the "wallet" under the "credit card", WeChat will automatically generate a bar code and two-dimensional code, the scan, you can pay for WeChat. However, Watsons did not disclose the specific number of stores to support WeChat payment and coverage.

it is reported that WeChat paid from September last year began to increase credit card function, the first to support the businesses including DQ ice queen, National pharmacy, rainbow, one plus one, lotus (Southern China), a good neighbor, baby room, department stores, in 365 people’s livelihood. Among them, the consumption of 300 dollars or less do not need to enter the payment password.

then, WeChat paid quickly penetrate into the other line of business, Carrefour, red chain, sea fishing, Yonghui supermarket, Gialen, Ichiban shop chain companies have opened WeChat payment.