technology news December 17th afternoon, twelve smoke is not scattered in a melee electricity supplier giants, fast fashion vertical electric beauty quietly completed once again turned out its own brand "MUA" and "Seoul station", the target for the Chinese version of ZARA".

from the industry perspective, the beautiful and the one after the other from the shopping guide website started, because the growth rate is amazing and Taobao were blocked, the vertical field of electronic business platform and then transferred to the transaction closed loop, and began a new round of staking business competition.

interesting thing is that the shopping guide transformation to the beauty of the B2C platform, said now to do its own brand.


in the electricity industry is a very interesting topic, many vertical category electricity supplier gross margin is very low, the key will have spread to the high margin own brand, such as’s acquisition of the music bee, and has no sound of shoe B2C Lok, it was very popular.

but with its own brand in the myth of the bubble burst, we suddenly realized that the "brand" is not so easy to do, although it can take control of the supply chain and gross profit, but how to promote the brand and the precipitation, is not an easy thing.

beauty said that in recent years the number of high-profile do its own brand of the company, according to information disclosed that beauty, they have set up the preparatory team of designers in their own houses, wildly beating gongs and drums, the selection of fabrics and to play version, then find cooperation factories for production, to ensure that the styles of uniqueness and rapid change.

beauty is said that the advantages of their own control of sales channels and transaction closed loop, according to the user’s preference for long-term precipitation data, to analyze user preferences. In addition, there are about 16000 settled merchants, manufacturers can negotiate with the greater bargaining power, and the use of the Internet thinking on the transformation of the supply chain.

make the trend of women’s clothing market is sure to make money, Amoy brand Korean clothes are a good example of the house, said the United States is better than the Korean clothes better ecological homes, there is a certain opportunity. But the difficulty lies in whether it is really able to establish a strong supply chain system like ZARA.

ZARA of the supply chain can have the ability to solve any changes made at the last moment of customer requirements, at the same time, the production system can also ensure that in the shortest two weeks, the longest no more than the completion of new production within four weeks. This rapid response and has full flexibility in the supply chain mechanism, has attracted many domestic ZARA disciples to follow suit, but to date, there is no real success of the case.

also said that the beauty of the need to face the problem is that one side is "MUA" and "Seoul station" two own brand. In this "when the referee and when the athletes," the new identity, whether the platform will be intended to carve the intention of its own brand tilt for those who have entered the 16000 businesses, whether it will face injustice