CTO Feng Dahui:

              June 11th morning news, the famous Alipay technology expert Feng Dahui has officially left yesterday, joining Ding Xiangyuan (http://s.DXY.cn) as the CTO website.

Feng Dahui yesterday afternoon in Sina micro-blog announced that the upcoming departure from Alipay, then Sina Technology and its connection, confirmed that June 10th is the last day on the Feng Dahui day, he will become our website CTO.

Feng Dahui to sina science and technology, said the reason for making such a decision has three reasons. First, through the whole process of Alipay to development, a great harvest, that person should seek new challenges. Two, IT high pressure working environment, resulting in his physical condition is not very good, so the desire to do medical services. Three, he is very optimistic about the development of our.

Feng Dahui’s first product to join our is not named, but according to its introduction, this will be the first domestic medical literature retrieval tool. "There is no such similar Pubmed document retrieval products, and strive to break through in the DXY team, to better serve the current user"

According to Feng Dahui

, our planning will also be involved in the medical information service, between the open hospitals, research institutes, medical information exchange channel. For the specific model of this product, Feng Dahui said for the time being confidential. In addition, Lilac Garden will also be involved in the B2C business, the Lilac Garden have been to the doctor introduced a group called "clove" products. The future, B2C business will become an important direction of development of our.


website was founded in 2000, the founder of Li Tiantian. 2006 officially commercial operation. According to Feng Dahui, the Lilac Garden already has 2 million registered users, has been covering almost all China can access the doctor. At present, our team of about more than and 60 people, mainly concentrated in the Hangzhou headquarters, just set up office in Shanghai last month.

Feng Dahui in the Alibaba group have served more than 5 years, served as Alipay’s chief architect DBA, data and other staff, for the development of technology of Alipay has made important contributions to the development of Alipay technology, is one of the witnesses, the technical team led by Alipay to provide users with the ability to support hundreds of millions of data. Feng Dahui is also one of the few domestic companies granted


to ACE Director Title Database expert. Its personal technology blog (http://s.dbanotes.net) in the Internet technology industry has a wide range of popularity and influence.