has been the rise of the domestic SNS website profit model is not clear, many communities such as happy net, Renren, Sohu white society, scouring rivers and lakes, earnings have been less than ideal. Although the community site users, popularity is high, but it is difficult to find a good profit model. Simple user charges is unrealistic.

although everyone has a network of members of the class recharge, as long as the money can be like QQ members like the same upgrade, users can use more features. It is able to generate a profit model, but this model is a single substance, in Chinese, not many users are willing to pay, and a lot of people do not spend all day in the social networking site, in addition to the grade of membership system is a sign of vanity, the utility function is not much.

has been in the country to explore how the SNS’s profit model, but always can not find a satisfactory solution to. Whether it is a large community sites, or local small communities, despite the popularity of good, but the overall level of profitability is not ideal. According to CNNIC statistics, the scale of China’s Internet users has reached 420 million, there are 1/3 student groups. In fact, the analysis of Renren, which itself is from the initial development of the students as the main campus network. Students cannot work after the purchase of groups and capacity compared to most people is not to pay the cost of renren.com, so I took the liberty of speculation, the campus network into renren.com is likely to see the students, although the market prosperity, but have no profit, so I want to take the website users from all kinds of social groups to broaden students.

The rise of

the US Groupon model, seems to have found a development opportunity for the SNS community, a group purchase mode called Groupon mode is the recent rise in the United States, the characteristics of this model is only a day to launch a discount products, users enjoy low discount price in general can low to group purchase, or half fold the following. Since the rise of this model in China has sprung up like the emergence of a variety of buy site, the size of large and small, there are good and bad operation.

this one, not only the financial strength and technology are strong large companies, there are some small companies to follow suit, or a lot of personal webmaster also want to join the fun. They saw the group purchase mode attractive, also want to squeeze into the market slice. So the result of group purchase website now but not blossom everywhere, the situation. These small companies naturally do not have to say, the possibility of being eliminated is very large. However, the strength of the enterprise, especially the business of SNS companies, they seem to have sufficient resources and strength to compete. Buy the website of the group of thousands of oaks Shen Boyang said the person in charge of the network: the future can survive in the site will not buy more than five home.


group purchase sites generally market confusion, uneven in quality. Therefore, the customer is not very good start, but also worried about being cheated. Large companies generally operate the site, in terms of marketing publicity is relatively large, the probability of exposure in the media is relatively large, easier access to the public eye, so get >