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on the Adxmi global mobile advertising platform, the promotion of overseas localization series of tutorials: the Middle East electricity supplier article has been a great concern in the industry and many home appliance business class well-known media reprint. Next, Adxmi will introduce Southeast Asia electricity supplier. This period, we will talk about the Southeast Asian countries of Buddhism – Thailand electricity supplier to promote the status quo, to explore how to carry out fine promotion in Siam.

this report, Adxmi will start from the basic situation of the market and promotion methods, detailing the specific circumstances of Thailand. The main information is as follows:

Market Overview:

1, population density, urban population of more than

2, fast economic growth, B2B small electricity supplier: Thailand electricity market value of 744 billion baht, the B2B electricity supplier accounted for 79.8%, electricity suppliers accounted for 19.3%


3, Internet use geographic concentration, Internet users in Bangkok


4, young people love to use mobile phones, the potential of young people in Thailand can not be ignored

5, social networking sites favored, 4.5% of Internet users will have at least one social networking account, about 20 million 600 thousand people

6, the user online shopping habits gradually develop, Thailand online shopping with an average annual growth rate of 30% ~ 35%

7, online advertising spending is high, good prospects: line advertising spending will show a historic growth, is expected to increase from 1 billion 400 million in 2016 to 3 billion 100 million in 2020 the Thai baht, or 117%

promotion points:

1, what language?

2, how to avoid taboo?

3, the user network to buy what?

4, promotion when?

5, how to advertise?

details are as follows:


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