With the popularization and rapid development of e-commerce, the distribution of products or the income of main products has greatly changed the traditional marketing channel through the channel of

. Customer groups, such as Taobao and other independent stores, have changed the traditional understanding of shopping in a very deep degree. This occurs through the network shopping behavior has its special characteristics, and promote e-commerce sales and the effect of the method also has a variety of different from the traditional method of marketing, among these methods, the "image design" for businesses are familiar with and attracted more and more attention. For e-commerce model, because the product can only be displayed through the network platform, so the "image design" in the process of promoting the decision of customers to purchase a unique and important significance and can not be ignored.

image design first step: for the product design brand image

whether in such a platform Taobao shop or open their own independent shop, the formation of a unified and distinctive image is the overall image of the first step. In other words, this is similar to the nature of the whole UI design, through the design of the overall image of shops including product, form a unified style, can not only enhance the customer to the shop and the reliability of the product, but also make a distinctive style to form a network of shops, to form a good visual experience, enhance customer experience for users, but also further to enhance the customer a good impression to the shop.

image design second steps: for the product display design excellent results

to do a good job in the overall image of the store design, we need to do a good job in the specific product display link image design. Specific to the details, we need technical conditions permit, by design personnel according to the product positioning and characteristics, combined with the overall image of the store, from color to style designed for specific product display link template, template not only to the overall appearance and image should be more prominent, echoes with the overall style of the shop. It should also be taken into account factors that enhance the details of the experience in the template, such as the return of goods and customer service service reminder etc.. As a result, the product can be reflected in the professional aspects of the show, the standardization of products, enhance customer confidence in the shop and the enthusiasm to buy.

image design of the third step: the design of a regular promotional promotional posters

in the shop has since become the design style of the system, all products links have displayed the unique design style and unified, but also consider the product to carry out promotional activities frequently in the daily sales of more than. Timely and appropriate promotional incentives can not only narrow the distance between customers and businesses, but also as a publicity for businesses to bring more customers. At this time, the store needs to play the advantages of image design, the use of elaborate design in the process of promotional posters, the offers and promotions are clearly communicated to consumers, so that consumers can enter the store when it can immediately be eye-catching promotional posters attracted increasing interest in participating, which is the next step increase energy >