Times News (reporter Li Bin) at the Jingdong 6· mall; 180 year big promotion soon, rival Tmall resorted to "exhaust all the skills". Yesterday, the Jingdong mall accused Tmall of forcing one of two businesses, however, Tmall strongly denies, and announced the launch of big promotion in June year, will dig 400 million from cash to invest in the promotion, of which 200 million yuan in cash envelopes distributed to consumers.

last week, the Jingdong announced the largest 6· mall in ten years; the upcoming 18 anniversary month, preheating preferential activities have been fully open. But the Jingdong disclosed Tmall mall, forcing businesses not to participate in the Jingdong’s big promotion, allowing businesses to choose one of two, if the Jingdong in the mall 6· 18 sales, the second half of this year, Tmall will not be able to obtain all active resources, including the double 11 promotion.


, vice president of Jingdong mall Kui Ying Chun and wrote down grievances, rage against Ali requires third party merchants "one of two", and said the "two choose the road to serfdom".

this, yesterday, Tmall vice president Qiao Feng said in an interview, Tmall had absolutely nothing to do let users choose one of two things, and businesses have their own judgment and choice, Tmall and Jingdong are service businesses, merchants hope.

at the same time, Tmall announced the launch of big promotion in June years, tens of thousands of brands, more than 20 kinds of commodities in common. Moreover, Tmall will dig 400 million yuan in cash into the June promotional activities. Among them, 200 million of the cash distribution of red envelopes consumers, cash subsidies to businesses in the 200 million.

from June 13th to zero at 21:59 on June 16th, consumers log on Tmall home to participate in small activities will have the opportunity to receive cash sent by Tmall envelopes, a single red up to 1000 yuan. Red envelopes in June 17, 18, 19 days to buy any physical goods in Tmall three days. Cash red without any restrictions on the use of a single cash red envelopes can be used separately, can also be a combination of multiple cash red.


forced the excessive

merchant business promotion farce

Internet analyst Sun Jie pointed out that the electricity supplier promotional farce hurt not only consumers, but also hurt businesses. Electricity providers really want to promote consumer satisfaction, so that consumers really get benefits. Instead, consumers just eyeball war pawn manufacturers, manufacturers to flicker.

on the other hand, businesses were forced to participate in price war, a high entrance fee, was forced to sell at a lower price, forced to share advertising costs, but also can tolerate a long time reimbursement account period, businesses into electricity supplier price war real price. Such a model, it is difficult for long-term.