Baidu announced in the field of electronic commerce in the target and plan yesterday, B2C online service platform named "cool" music, and showed the "Chinese large online shopping mall" banner. Many industry insiders interviewed were of the view that this means that the overall competition between Baidu and Alibaba have been triggered at any moment.

music cool days began to accept user registration

Baidu announced earlier this year, the online shopping mall with Japan’s largest Japanese Lotte common $50 million to build e-commerce companies, including Lotte Holdings 51%. Yesterday, Baidu announced that the official opening of the music cool days as its online service platform brand name, and open the same name website, to accept the online registration of businesses.

music cool day will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in a number of domestic investment." Responsible for yesterday revealed that Baidu, cool days not only to provide more quality products and services for consumers, but also for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises Chinese services, new opportunities to help them share the e-commerce market brings."

Baidu and Alibaba or battle

The idea of such

is considered and the layout of the same Alibaba now. Analysts said that the search between technology and e-commerce boundaries have become increasingly blurred, especially for many small and medium enterprises, they usually is Baidu search client, is also a Alibaba of e-commerce sellers on the platform.

"for merchants, it doesn’t matter what platform what to do, they need to be able to use the Internet tools to sell their goods, they are not only on the needs of the search engine, but also on the demand for e-commerce platform. Along with the industry chain gradually extended and perfected, the needs of businesses will be more and more systematic and standardized, this time they are willing to see their choice of platform, can provide one-stop service for themselves, and not to vote on the Baidu PPC advertising, and then to the Alibaba to sell." An unnamed senior e-commerce practitioners said he believes it will eventually be a battle between Baidu and Alibaba.

for this point of view, Baidu and Alibaba both companies yesterday did not respond positively.

              Baidu joint venture company Lotte website has launched

music cool days

              minon rush to open the "cool" music domain name part of the domain name