to the middle of summer, not all girls will choose sunscreen skin care products as a day to fight against UV damage weapon. Whether it is a high density of brand advertising, or sales staff continue to emphasize the magical effect, have produced a kind of "only with a sunscreen can be truly safe without summer" feeling.

however, in more information, can not help but doubt: sunscreen products are so powerful? In fact, not all of the sunscreen products can be trusted, the problem of heavy metal exceed the standard of the first.

in early 2013, Japan’s largest cosmetics group Shiseido’s exports to China, a number of sunscreen products were detected heavy metal cadmium, which triggered a nationwide consumer shock. There are nearly two years, many consumers due to the use of heavy metals exceeded the fake sunscreen and allergic medical treatment, but also repeatedly staged.

why sunscreen products in heavy metals will often exceed the warning line, and how many products have been neglected drawbacks to be unveiled?

Yang Zhigang, director of the expert committee of the National Federation of cosmetics industry association in twenty-first Century to accept Economic Herald reporter interview said: "overall, at present the enterprise internal control and regulatory standards are very strict, but still can not prevent unscrupulous small business products. The fundamental reason is that inside the profit space is too big, especially with some whitening sunscreen function, must bring sales through the effect will be reflected, so manufacturers will add a lot of mercury and other heavy metals to promote these effects."

inferior sunscreen: the owner will not go with

in large shopping malls in the big skin care stores, there are hundreds of unknown skin care brand hidden in the stores in all levels of Chinese cities. Compared to the customer as the super channel, the corner shop is often inferior sunscreen products which are.

one day in early July, twenty-first Century economic report reporter into a textile commodity market on the outskirts of Shanghai, devoted more than 20 market stalls selling all kinds of skin care products. Due to the summer has come to reason, whitening sunscreen products are placed in the most prominent position.

reporters in which a shop to see the store name of sunscreen products almost unheard of, content of products are also extremely brief, only that can effectively protect the adult skin, sunscreen. A bottle of 50 ml sunscreen price of only $twenty or thirty, far below the average price of sunscreen brands sold on the market.

when asked whether there is a risk of heavy metals in these products, the owner surnamed Fang said: "most to buy wholesale shopkeeper are most concerned about is whether the sun, hazards of heavy metals in problems such as not many people care about, not to mention the warning to consumers. Hodge sunscreen products to a comprehensive inventory of heavy metals, basic to be caught."

"although we do this sunscreen business, but they will not use these products. However, because the price is so cheap, sales are quite stable