Shen Tong marketing director Xia Zubin


Shen Tong marketing director Xia Zubin

news billion state power network editor Zhang Dahong

Shen Tong electricity supplier has long been planning a similar shop No. 1

: Shentong billion state power network business platform "love to buy super net" in July will be on the line, Shen Tong is that electricity providers cake so much to squeeze in


Xia Zubin: now some of the electricity supplier may not have a deep understanding of the retail, the future of online retail competition is inevitable products and services, electricity providers sell not only products, as well as services. Super net core where? This problem we had many internal discussions, the final conclusion is in fact to provide quality services to consumers, convenience and diversity is the core of customer choice, they are willing to pay for service. Shen Tong who knows the most things to buy, but also to understand what kind of services they need, so do not have a chance to do electricity supplier.

the future, we will judge people more and more lazy, fewer people would go to the supermarket, in the online purchasing, supplier’s core is to change the social ideology, change the whole social shopping way, future line stores mainly to clothing to experience this category mainly for clothing or to a retail store to see however, the standardization of goods are all online, for example, you buy a bottle of Coca-Cola is not required to experience the line on the line, as long as the online order.

billion state power network: Although the logistics company has distribution and customer resources, but the lack of specific business operations experience, cross-border business failures and many cases.

Xia Zubin: Shen Tong is just an investor, and will not participate in specific operations, headquartered in Hangzhou, there are already more than and 100 people, the team did not have the basic logistics. Electronic business platform is from the electricity supplier companies, traditional retail companies please come over, they have operational experience.

billion state power network: love to buy super net model similar to the No. 1 store category is focused on food, fresh food, which is very close to SF electrical goods category, this is a coincidence? Or more suitable for the selection of these logistics companies do electricity supplier category


Xia Zubin: Oh, we think this for a long time, also spent half a year to do research, the reason is very simple, we choose people every day with the product line to do, one is because the market is large enough, two is because consumers are willing to pay for service, three is to have some sto resources, four commodities have been standardized, as long as we can to do service. Whether with the SF is a coincidence, maybe.

billion state power network: it is because of the choice of Shentong category is difficult to do other electricity supplier delivery, Shentong business if all of a sudden on the national market, then the distribution of the difficulty is not low.

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