Abstract: This is the last two months, following Tmall and Taobao, Alibaba intensive organization structure adjustment of the third.

today, Alibaba group to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the organizational structure. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced the appointment of Tong Wenhong as chief human officer group Alibaba (CPO), responsible for the Ali group of talent and cultural development strategy; at the same time, she will succeed Zhang Yong as chairman of the rookie network, responsible for personnel training and cultural heritage rookie long-term strategy,; wunglin will serve as the rookie network president, led the team responsible for the implementation of the strategy of comprehensive business operation.

this is the last two months, after Tmall and Taobao, Alibaba conducted intensive third organizational structure adjustment. Specific adjustments are as follows:

just appointed retiring rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong Alibaba group CPO (chief human officer) served as chairman of the rookie network, Wan Lin as the rookie network president; Zhang Yong Jiang Fang appointed as special assistant to the international business of Alibaba and the group deputy chief human officer; Wu Min Chicago and Kardashian job rotation, Wu Minzhi Alibaba group CCO (chief customer officer Kardashian), B2B business group president of Alibaba; group CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Zhang Jianfeng as Ali cloud CTO, and cloud OS business group to enter the Ali cloud business group, by Hu Xiaoming responsible; Wang Shuai as chairman of Market Committee Alibaba public relations group, at the same time as the group public relations team leader.

in the open letter, Zhang Yong expressed the three thanks". He said:

we would like to thank the consumers of our love without reservation, for investors and market confidence in the company, I especially thank every team of colleagues on group’s new management team, including support and dedication to me.

Zhang Yong believes that the upgrade the management system, in order to upgrade the efficient organization to bring strong execution, for the new (new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new technology and new energy) "strategy. In an open letter, he said: constantly upgrade themselves, always embrace the enthusiasm and ability to change, must become the core competitiveness". From the new appointments may see, Ali is the globalization strategy of the next stage of preparation. Among them, Jiang Fang will be mainly to help Zhang Yong and Tong Wenhong, so that employees from around the world and all over the world to become a global business team of Cultural Ambassadors, beyond the geographical, linguistic, cultural differences.

this, Tong Wenhong also responded to the form of internal letter. In the letter, she FuPan the rookie network achieved in the past, said more than 70% China express parcels are running in the rookie platform, the future will be more focused and in-depth, in terms of computing and automation do the leading industry for at least five to ten years.

Tong Wenhong in 2000 to join the Alibaba, has presided over the establishment of Ali’s customer service, administration, infrastructure and other background and infrastructure, and all