Flow, order value and sales

Abstract]iOS equipment user generated all over Android users.

BI Chinese station on November 30th reported

from this year’s "black Friday" online shopping data, Apple’s mobile operating system iOS win again Google (micro-blog) Android. Tracking online shopping data released by the Adobe research report said: iOS device users initiated sales of about four times as much as Android users. In the user based on the total revenue from the purchase of these two systems, iOS equipment and Android equipment revenue accounted for 79% and 21%, respectively."

at the same time, the data from the IBM research group came to similar conclusions. IBM data show that during this year’s black Friday holiday shopping season, iOS once again in a leading position in mobile shopping, in three big data are better than Android: first of all, from the average order value, the average value of iOS users per order for $121.86, while the average price of each order value is only Android users 98.07 dollars, the spread between the two and 24.3%; secondly, from the view of online traffic flow, iOS equipment accounted for about 34.2% of network traffic, is about two times more traffic Android equipment, Android equipment flow accounted for only 15% of total flow network; finally, from the sales point of view, iOS’s share of the sales network equipment the total net sales of 21.9%, is nearly four times the sales of Android equipment, Android equipment sales accounted for only 5.8% of total net sales.

there is no doubt that the above data is a rare good news for apple.

in fact, over the years, when it comes to the mobile phone market, the industry has always believed that Apple’s smartphone market share is smaller. Gartner research data show that the global smart phone market, Apple’s share of 12%, while the Android mobile phone market share is as high as $82%. ComScore data also show that in the U.S. smartphone market, Apple’s share of about 42%, while the proportion of Android mobile phone is 52%. Of course, the market share is very important, especially in the field of science and technology, the concept of advocating winner is king, the market share is particularly important. The more users you use, the better it will be for you.

in theory, the number of users using the Android system, the more developers and publishers are willing to develop Android related sites and applications. From the theoretical comparison, apple in this regard will be at a disadvantage. But in fact, the advantages of Android in terms of mobile phone market share did not translate into too many positive results in terms of online shopping, from the point of view of the use of iOS>