in the Taobao forum and the exchange of the owner, I always find a lot of shopkeepers have been cheated of the purchase. Which clothing store up to. So how to prevent being cheated? I’m here to count a few lessons, I hope the network business can be more honest. On the Internet can often be seen looking for sources, but it is difficult to find a good supplier posts. You can guess the liar is often the people stare.

in general, there are so many reasons for deception:

1, cheap. A penny of goods that can be said to be the truth, good goods are not cheap, cheap goods. Price is always equal to the value of.

2, too believe in pictures. As clothing, the picture is often modified, those crooks are so. So the picture can only be used as a reference, can not be a decisive factor in the selection of suppliers.

3, to identify their own shop consumer groups. When negotiating with suppliers, the other party will recommend other products to you, and these are often inventory or other problems. Since my shop is only women’s clothing, it is only into this kind of goods, other quilts, curtains, all of the.

4, in Alibaba, rely on the integrity of the judge to determine whether the other side is not reliable. This is like Taobao reputation can be false, Alibaba can also.

5, do not reach

. To take the mushroom tactics". Prior to purchase, to ask more, talk more, after mixing, the other side is basically 7788. And there is a good mix of benefits can take advantage of the opportunity to each other to discount.

believe that the above points, will greatly reduce the probability of purchase cheated. The above is only the purchase, in order to open a good point in Taobao, but also pay attention to other successful shop preparation.

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