April 12th, taobao.com official response to the seller from the assessment to the buyer to send Mingbi revenge "event: 3 days immediately conduct a thorough investigation, find out the facts, according to the relevant rules and punish bad sellers.

April 11th, according to media reports, Taobao online online shopping a buyer to the seller in the assessment, the seller has sent a retaliatory mingbi.

after a preliminary investigation by Taobao learned that the transaction between buyers and sellers from the courier fees. Sellers in the evaluation of the reply to the buyers actually use insulting language, said the buyer is a neuropathy…… The brain has a problem, do not go to Taobao, 10 dollars to buy your mother urn, right?"

Taobao.com said

customer service department, will be in 3 days, the thorough investigation of the entire event sequence of events. Once confirmed that the seller is true, Taobao will be punished in accordance with the relevant rules of the seller severely punished. Taobao also reminded individual members, not because of differences in the transaction, and harassment, personal attacks on the other side, and even spread the other’s personal information on the internet. Taobao will also severely punished the above behavior.

according to the jurisdiction of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Branch of the high and new technology district complaints mediation Division introduced in 2007, about 100 million yuan per Taobao online shopping transactions, filed a transaction dispute. The index is much lower than the actual retail business, and this proportion is declining year by year.