Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Wang Cuiyi) Alibaba official admitted for the first time to prepare for the listing, I am afraid that the biggest competitors Jingdong some tension. Yesterday, the news, Jingdong has started the IPO process, and commissioned PWC audit. But Jingdong official said yesterday responded that the news is not known, so far, there is no clear timetable for the listing of Jingdong". According to an insider, this year in the position of public opinion is quite low-key because Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has been in the business, whether it is ready for the IPO reverie.

industry Jingdong IPO guess never interrupted, Alibaba high-profile move to deepen the credibility of the rumors. In fact, as the leading domestic electricity supplier, Jingdong and Alibaba, landing the capital market is only a matter of time. According to industry insiders predict that Jingdong will avoid the listing of Alibaba node, does not rule out its listing will be listed before ali.

, according to industry sources, Ali and Jingdong have been infighting in the capital market, want to seize market opportunities. Although there is a certain gap between Jingdong and Ali, but all belong to the same type of company, the major brokerage firms in the allocation of investment, usually only choose one in the same stocks. If the car listed companies, may bring both consequences.

there are people in the industry believe that Jingdong if the first listed Alibaba, IPO may have some time to prepare. And once the Alibaba after the IPO price is too high, many brokers will choose Jingdong.