yesterday in the world Internet Conference, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma revealed that Ali will establish an international version of the Taobao site, with English and Chinese and other multilingual services to global buyers. In addition, Ma also said that Ali is now the most dangerous time.

JINGWAH Times reporter Zhu Jianhe intern reporter Jiang Yachen

Ali is now the most dangerous time

Ma Yun said, B2B business, Ali aliexpress platform now has international (Aliexpress), but not for the global consumer business between the C2C platform, so it will create a new international version of the Taobao website, let consumers overseas, overseas and domestic consumers to do business.

Ma Yun also said that Ali is now the most dangerous time. Ali listed before, many people think that Ali did not make money, it can not make money. I believe that these ARIBI people imagined to be better, they said Ali is very bad, in fact, I know that we can imagine, better than you. But today we are in big trouble, we think you are so good, too good to say you can, I know we are not so good. Alibaba is now the most dangerous time, people expect too much of you, I think your company can do anything. When a person thinks he knows everything and can do anything, trouble comes."

fakes can only rely on the Internet to solve

yesterday, when Ma Yun talked about the problem of fake network, said the electricity supplier, the problem can only rely on the internet.

"fake problem solving, it may be 20 years later, we can make a huge contribution to the society." Ma Yun said, "today to some fake group investigation, they fear most is to to sell, is very simple, the Alibaba soon can find out who is selling, who is in production, through these data can be immediately rushed to the police. A few years ago (fake) is very powerful, because it is difficult for you to find the line selling fakes. The past two years, the rapid development of electronic commerce in China, if you are fake, it is impossible to realize the daily sales of 67 billion." Ma added that Ali is building an ecosystem, once completed, the ecosystem can produce a powerful self-healing function. Internet ecosystem is the most effective way to solve the problem of fake.

Ali to train more Jingdong

Ma Yun confrontation with other Internet heavyweights, has become a bright spot yesterday. He said, Alibaba to cultivate more ‘Jingdong’, so that the company to make money, so that the audience for Liu Qiangdong to hold a sweat. But Liu Qiangdong performance is decent, he responded, Taobao, Tmall does have hundreds of thousands of small Jingdong, and added that the advantage of Jingdong is the service end customers, reduce transaction costs, improve shopping efficiency.

money is a burden, our business bigger, get money, what is the use of the most fundamental is to help others >