recently, the Jingdong and the brim of the escalation of the war in the news media, or micro-blog, raise a Babel of criticism of the. Dangdang just listed in ng Texas, Jingdong immediately began book price 20%, trying to cut down the limelight, unfortunately, Dangdang is not oil lamp. In the face of Jingdong’s price, Dangdang also immediately launched a preferential activities.


According to micro-blog

in the hearsay, Dangdang also carried out against the Jingdong for publishers pressure. The following is the Jingdong Liu Qiangdong this afternoon in micro-blog’s complaint against dangdang.


continuous several micro-blog, you can see, as the Jingdong’s CEO, Liu Qiangdong has been close to hysteria loudly accused Dangdang behavior. While Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing, what to look?.


see, Mr. Li for leisurely, seems Dangdang and Jingdong war did not affect him pleasant mood. Of course, micro-blog users can not be in such a good mood, look at this micro-blog comments, see, it was a direct use of mobile phone landing micro-blog feedback to Li Guoqing Dangdang shopping experience unpleasant experience.


we don’t study the users reflect whether it is true or not, and the navy. It said that the Jingdong recently encountered the decline.

first, we all know that Jingdong is to do 3C product origin, and Dangdang is to do the book origin. Relatively speaking, before this, Jingdong’s profit is far greater than dangdang. The situation changes that Dangdang in the accumulation of users, improve the user experience, the development of the general merchandise industry, the existing consumer groups to expand the potential consumer directly, from the current situation, has been widely recognized by the majority of consumers. Jingdong is not so good, with the 3C market continues to expand, more and more electricity providers involved in the 3C industry, consumers will gradually shift the attractiveness of. Over the past 2 years, Jingdong has been questioned by consumers for fakes, so that Jingdong difficult.

constantly compressed profit margins, so that Jingdong can not, but also must face the transformation of the development of reform. This time, the Jingdong chose a relatively secure books, the book that the standardization of Jingdong can save a lot of worries. Who wants to, Dangdang this force, to expand the market, the Department has chosen the rapid development process, so that the original listing, the Jingdong intends to increase the book sales price advantage dreams were broken.

while Jingdong is the price of 20% to use the price of the book when the lens, the rear of a crisis. Gome and Suning 2 launched by the traditional enterprise giant, started by the end of the siege of madness. 2 the traditional channels of the advantages of the original, profits down again. 2 invariably launched a highly targeted weekend promotions, there are internal staff and even direct disclosure >