speed transit network August 8th news WeChat 5 equipped with WeChat payment function has not been familiar with the vast number of users, the heavy news about Alipay news, news that Ali financial credit payment service today will be launched next week. Alipay expresses to fast road network, credit payment has been closed, but the specific launch time to disclose.

in fact, early in March this year, Ali Financial Group CEO Hu Xiaoming said, Ali financial group and Alipay business integration of the first product credit payment will be released in April, this is Ali’s first financial consumer financial products. At the same time, Hu Xiaoming said that the payment of credit only for the wireless side, rather than for the PC side.

Alipay to speed transit network, credit payment has been in a stage inside. It is understood that Alipay ratings for users, the amount of investment the highest 5000 yuan, with the Alipay user credit accumulation, credit will grow.

August 5th, WeChat 5 equipped with WeChat in the bind bank card payment function can fast payment, the industry marvel WeChat to pay strong, but Alipay involved in the field of credit payment, and made an innovator. The balance of treasure after Alipay launched in cooperation with Celestica Fund (the day hongzeng), Celestica fund within a short period of time to raise funds over 10 billion, 2 million 500 thousand customer development.

investment analyst Lu business in an interview with the speed transit network said, to the credit payment from the balance of treasure, Alipay has been doing innovators. The credit payment revealed subtle, credit payment seems to be Alipay to WeChat to pay back.

At the same time taking

Lu pointed out that Alipay to rob the bank credit, the credit card business, how to avoid from the regulatory authorities is a big problem, after all, to halt the previous balance of treasure had suffered the Commission "". In addition, once the credit payment, will have a greater effect than the balance of treasure. (the Yellow River)