Tao tasks, on line world, is a shopping guide, or "child care".

what is the Amoy? For many consumers, this may be a new term, in fact, as long as you are careful observation will find that there is a group of people on the Internet, their love of the Sun online shopping in various forums, blog thing, through their own shop owner recommended to help to promote the products, then should belong to their own income, these good buy things, things are in the Master netizen called "amoy".

how to develop "guest gens"

what is the Amoy? Help Taobao promotion of goods, after the transaction to obtain certain commission, known as the tao. The difference between the owner and guest network practitioners without shop, you don’t have to put in funds, mainly through a commission recommended shop.

is to become a good guest, actually want to spend a lot of thought, first of all to choose goods should be in season: "now consumers are rational, let users believe that in a short period of time you promote the product is not easy." For example, to make a guest on the sales of plush toy store, such as a plush toy 9.9 yuan, can put the same number of Taobao products and the price comparison, and then to find similar posts each big blog site, Baidu, QQ or Taobao Post Bar space forum, to promote their "baby others". When the post users recognize at the same time, Amoy will recommend the shop goods link and Amoy promotion code posted, consumers buy businesses after rebate.

experts warned that "every Taobao owner according to the different products, the guest Promotion Commission is also different, generally between 5%~15%, if the claims commission in more than 50% of cases, should be carefully chosen to avoid being the owner."

now online shopping has become a fashion, "where to go to Amoy, Amoy to treasure what seems to have become a lot of friends exchanges, so" guest "gens also quietly rising. Many people through the construction of websites and blogs, to recommend the shop to users, contributed to the transaction and get a lot of money to become a new industry by the birth of the network.


" as a guest, "we are not in direct online shopping, we are through the website, blog, forums or in the way to guide users to the target of interest in the shop to buy things, so once the transaction is successful," Amoy "can get a certain percentage of sellers from the commission." Amoy network alliance Luo Jun told reporters that this live to rely on their own credit and certain skills, income is relatively fixed, own up to a month to get nearly 4000 yuan reward. I started my hair in business opportunities (www.dian588.cn) when a period of three days on the return guest 2 thousand yuan, although the money for the majority of people is not what, but for me is also encouraged, moreover Wangzhuan feasibility.

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