as Suning’s old rival – the United States, will naturally not sit still.

Gome President Wang Junzhou had an interview with reporters made it clear that this year the United States will enrich the product category, go to the appliance is the focus of the United States online. Over the past two quarters, the United States finally sword. The day before, the United States online announced a line of SKU million (stock) FMCG, and gradually enrich product categories to create "Gome online life circle".

at the same time, the United States is also actively layout of Internet banking, in August 30th this year, the United States registered the United States financial full set of domain names, is currently in contact with third party financial institutions. As for the next step to advance Internet banking, but kept secret, let the market more imagination.

investment advisor in the financial industry researcher Huo Xiaohua told reporters: "the business is keen to the financial sector there are two main reasons: first, the pace of financial system reform is accelerating, non financial enterprises have more opportunities to participate in financial services; second, the traditional business electricity supplier war has weakened, the financial industry has become the enterprises to improve the management, diversification the ‘straw’. From this point of view, Suning and Gome is "half a catty of 82 ‘, it is difficult to have the advantage of showing."

Gome online in

according to the latest news, Gome online new CEO Gao Xiang has officially came in September 22nd this year.

data show that the new CEO Gao Xiang served as vice president of Dangdang, and in 2006 joined the infant vertical website cradle network as CEO. In May this year, the original United States online CEO Han Depeng leave, its CEO position has been the senior vice president of the United States group, the United States online chairman Mou Guixian concurrently.

from the background of Gao Xiang, Gome online selection he took over the post of CEO, because the person should have the Internet electricity supplier in the field of gene, is "old man", with more than and 10 years of experience, this is the United States online needs at present.

has just turned around the country, seems to stand up to the big toss. The transition can let the United States real demand is still unknown.

through the performance point of view, the United States issued the 2013 interim report shows that the United States in the first half revenue 27 billion 114 million yuan, up 10.16% over the same period last year; net profit of 322 million yuan, achieved profitability, and the loss of 607 million yuan a year earlier. The first half of the year, Gome by way of leasing and surrender, optimize the store area of about 28 thousand and 400 square meters. The first half of 2013 Group sales per square meter and single store sales year-on-year and chain double growth, same store sales growth reached 15.1%. At the same time, due to the overall cost rate, especially the decline in rents and labor, making the country’s gross profit margin increased from 16.9% in the same period last year to 18.3% in the same period in history.

Gome President Wang Junzhou said: the United States will firmly implement the comprehensive integration of online and offline channel retailers’ strategy, practice shows that the group’s long-term strategic transformation has taken