with double eleven hand chop party, a large number of cleaning operations were baby home, are you surprised at the buyers and sellers show show be quite different, get what? Many babies are shocked, said this is not the hand chop party money dream, but a continuous need to eat soil N days, and the frightened. Do you still feel the arrival of the era of electricity providers, the store does not need it?.

It is reported that

, the German factory covers an area of ten thousand square meters of a hub experience center and online business platform hassle free full integration of high-quality cross-border shopping brand "Tesco de German factory strong strikes, allowing you to enjoy the sea Amoy in the end. German rigorous and meticulous, I believe a lot of people have this understanding, while the German products produced the same excellence. It is understood that the Tesco de · factory in Germany; German manufacturing business focus, about fifty thousand kinds of German imported products, the combination of online and offline, can buy store experience in the spot, can also choose online home delivery, can rest assured to buy, do not have to worry about quality issues.


line under the full geographical characteristics of the Chongqing China, with a strong German culture, the establishment of the German factory scene experience shopping center, create a set of leisure and entertainment, interactive scenarios, shopping in one of the comprehensive characteristics of the theme museum. Eight distinctive theme of the museum, so that people can not enjoy the exotic countries and Germany made in Germany, playing hey, buy a cool.

online shopping APP de Tesco has been on the line. Tesco de · German factory goods are original Germany launched, all products have a formal declaration form, payment list, entry inspection and quarantine procedures, effectively eliminate the chaos and disorderly price phenomenon brought by the sea Amoy and purchasing. Tesco’s mode of operation, can effectively guarantee the interests of consumers, for consumers to buy peace of mind.

today’s domestic sea Amoy products due to the fear of unfamiliar brands bring hidden dangers, to follow the trend to sell more explosive based, and a lot of quality products but did not enter the Chinese market. Tesco de comprehensive introduction of Germany’s leading products, such as the world’s leading experts Bi In-Tech drinking water optimization BRITA, Europe’s largest organic baby food manufacturer Hipp, a European hi hand classic skin care brand new Benqing HERBACIN etc.. Tesco de · German factory product from overseas factory direct supply, greatly enriched the types of goods, so that some China never entered the market before the German brand to consumers Chinese.


It is reported that

, Tesco de · German factory experience center will be opened in Chongqing in January 1, 2017. At the same time, according to informed sources, will be in Chongqing German factory Tesco German experience center as a benchmark, to open more experience center and Theme Pavilion in the national scope of chain operation. I believe in the near future, there will be more people in China