X’s box once wrote a domain name calling profit analysis article introduced the domain name calling. Today, X’s box from the business model, the industry threshold, profit sharing, and technical force and so on for you to uncover the mystery of the domain name calling.

a business model


domain name is called "the direct traffic stop". Is a person or a team to run hundreds of thousands of small sites, on a global scale, there are already a few such people (companies), some people call them "people with the internet". Direct flow mode is completely waiting for visitors to the active site, it needs to have a massive domain resources, especially those likely to be netizens spontaneously input high value of domain name. For example: the website is www.Esaver.com, Esaver is a well-known foreign cheap ticket code, do not have to promote every day there are many people automatically log on to this site." In fact, these eager to find cheap flights, find "casual visitor" Cheap "Airline Tickets on this site" (cheap air tickets) links, and visitors are guided to ticket sales website, the "network fee", according to the price of the American market, each have one click can bring a few dollars income.

in the international network industry, direct flow has become a relatively mature business chain, Google, YAHOO and other Internet advertising agency acts as a middleman, they will be responsible for traffic navigation to the needs of the commercial website, and is responsible for charging them, and then transfer to the team in the overseas registered companies regularly. The team according to the contract to share allocation among all of the domain name to call.

two, industry threshold

network traffic is actually the development of direct flights, the value of the domain name is released, the entire industry based on the domain name and domain name investment basis, who can not enter it, so the business threshold will be high. The domain name has a mass of resources, especially those likely to be netizens spontaneously input high value of domain name, and with the recent rapid rise in the price of a domain name, a good record domain price of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the price of resources into domain

as can be imagined!

three, profit sharing

usually, this person or the team have hundreds of thousands of.Com and.Cn domain, in a very short period of time, which he originally as "inventory" domain name as a progressive activation of accessible website. This is just the beginning, a "new business domain parking" was started at the same time: all of any domain name, as long as the registration formalities in the docking platform, it can be generated for the domain name of a website, the website added to the large group, so as to share the revenue sharing. Profit sharing is based on the amount of information you have access to your web site.

four, technical force

layman watch, experts see road, the actual.