in recent years, Shandong post to respond positively to the CPC Central Committee and State Council call, earnestly implement the instructions Chinese post group and the provincial Party committee and government, adhere to the "rooted in rural areas, close to the farmers, agricultural services" service tenet, give full play to its own network, reputation and brand advantages, and actively explore new ways of serving the "three rural issues", to create a new mode of rural logistics chain management + + technology to the home delivery service ", built around the urban and rural areas, covering the province of province city county – Township – village five chain operation network, promoting the construction of rural circulation system, has played a positive role in social and economic development in rural areas of the province that has been highly recognized by the leadership of the State Council and the provincial government, welcomed by farmers and friends.

May 25, 2009, the national promotion of Shandong post to develop rural logistics field experience will be held in Qingdao, the State Council leaders attended the meeting and made an important speech, fully affirmed in the rural development of Shandong postal logistics mode at the same time, around the "difficult to buy, for farmers to solve the problem of difficulty in selling" put forward new and higher requirements of hope.

Shandong is a major agricultural province, the current circulation of agricultural products in our province is still in its early stages, the majority of small-scale agricultural enterprises operating costs, high operating costs, poor sales channels, serious waste of social resources. The urgent need for rural credit, prestige, strength, multi-channel, wide sales of agricultural products circulation enterprises to participate in the sale of agricultural products. Shandong post in accordance with the State Council and the provincial Party committee and government leaders on the "expanding agricultural services, the positive development of" logistics "requirements, give full play to their own advantages, and steadily push forward the agricultural town business.

Postal enterprises

has hundred years the credibility of hundred years brand, has set the business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow to four in one advantage, to lay the foundation for creating agricultural town, electronic business platform; in the market economic activities, training and forging a professional skilled and skilled enthusiastic service marketing team, provide a guarantee for human to carry out agricultural town business. After in-depth research and repeated demonstration, Shandong post from agricultural products to the countryside, and their partners to integrate postal resources, with special high-quality new agricultural products as a breakthrough, to create a postal e-commerce trading platform "network po".

"Po network is a specialty of Shandong, a collection of various types of city of the province’s 17 famous quality products, and features covering, delicacy exquisite gifts, household appliances, leisure and fashion Home Furnishing precious stamp products such as online shopping mall. Not only can show the agricultural product sales in the "treasure net", agricultural products processing enterprises, township enterprises, township government can be found in the "treasure net" to open their own online store or display space. In the Po web page can be seen on the postal department run for all types of postal services "postal hall", the Council started to promote around the characteristics of goods "and" Po supermarket "VIP package area" and "travel ticket area" column. In homes, tasted Shandong delicacy "column, there are various businesses run by the Shandong characteristics and delicacy, Wumart.