NetEase science and technology news June 5th news, today announced that Wuliangye group has become a strategic cooperation platform Wuliangye group, with immediate effect, the group will be on the Jingdong platform exclusive sales of a liquor. Jingdong CMO group blue ye said, the two sides will further deepen cooperation in the next three years products, Jingdong is expected to sell 5 billion yuan Wuliangye liquor.

blue ye said at the same time, the Jingdong will rely on the self built logistics system and independent research and development of the information technology system, and expand the depth of future Wuliangye docking.

Wuliangye group responsible person, the current electricity supplier has yet to play a larger role in liquor sales, but sales of alcoholic products through electronic business platform is one of the important trends, this is an important reason for future cooperation with the Jingdong, the two sides will discuss more ways of cooperation. (Sun Hongchao)