although the double eleven has been more than half a month, but she created achievements, constantly continue to be reported by the media, industry experts comment, and I think this activity for many enterprises, which appears in the vast sea of electric beacon.

for the building materials industry products, different from the general living supplies, building materials, chemical, liquid goods with large, fragile and other characteristics, but in the electricity industry generally felt that these characteristics are disadvantages, and is fatal, serious impact on logistics transportation, logistics cost and customer service cost are better than the ordinary high supplies electricity supplier several times. And manufacturers stand in the position of consumers: these goods or to buy the actual shop. However, with the rapid development of the Internet economy, the changing consumer attitudes, as well as the logistics of the continuous improvement of the system, the previous building materials enterprises can not take electricity supplier, the industry gradually changed.

logistics transportation problem. In fact, logistics and transport problems are not difficult to solve, small pieces of express, large logistics. This applies to all the factories, whether it is a small shop or brand sales. The general situation is a good word of mouth with the logistics company signed a cooperation, through private logistics, transport, packaging. Is called a wish to play a willing to endure, to accept the buy, can not accept the estimate will not tangle with our customer service bar. Now there are some companies specializing in building materials, logistics services, although it is uneven, but I believe the future will be better and better.

enterprise management mode. In fact, this is to consider the largest building materials enterprises, especially those who have a large number of dealers in the enterprise, manufacturers will usually worry about offending the dealer, if the public price will harm their interests, because if this has shaken the dealer channel, will fix these production enterprises very passive. In fact, on this point, I think it is their own internal staff for some enterprises, they do not want to change, do not want to increase their workload. From my understanding, there are a lot of dealers do not want to do electricity supplier, but was banned by manufacturers, do not allow them to sell online. On the one hand, the factory can create new brands of electronic commerce; or self built network shops platform, making great efforts to promote the platform, and the dealer is responsible for customer service, reasonable distribution of profit ratio, the two method is the most likely. But whether it is the manufacturer’s own brand distribution electricity supplier to go M2C, or with the dealer to take the marketing network route, are able to initially solve the problem of building materials business electricity supplier.

consumer concept. In fact, the change in consumer attitudes is the most important, there is a place where the market sales. If consumers do not accept the purchase of building materials, then the front is wasted. But in fact, consumers of building materials online shopping heat year after year, electricity supplier sales growth is the highest in the electricity supplier industry. It is said that the double eleven Taobao building materials business turnover close to 2 billion 500 million, 800 million, 650 million residential bedding fabric furniture, decoration main material 490 million, kitchen appliances, kitchen > 230 million