voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported on Ma Guangyuan for "double eleven" online shopping Carnival "Internet shopping need Chinese farewell" double eleven "crazy, return to normal rationalism in high quality." The report said Ma Guangyuan, due to the long-term price war, the retail industry China network has no opportunity to create differentiated business model, the customer experience, service quality, logistics and information technology, and there is a big gap between us counterparts.

bear the brunt of the problem is the subject of criticism of fakes. Analysis from the China E-Commerce Research Center shows that: in fact, every year, double eleven will appear fake, fake price phenomenon. Annual sales are higher than the previous year, from the current point of view, the phenomenon of fake and false prices will continue.

this year, the eleven electricity supplier war, the mobile terminal on behalf of the flash purchase has been low-key stance against.

since its inception, flash purchase is committed to building a good faith, safe and convenient mobile e-commerce consumer environment. Z-Code AQS flash purchase code comes with independent intellectual property rights, which is beyond the traditional independent security, traceability, anti Cuanhuo security model and other common quality. Smart phones for the identification of the terminal, carrying the identification of authenticity, tracking traceability, precise channels, accurate complaints, accurate recall, precise purchase, and precise supervision, such as a full range of quality assurance applications. From production to sales of the commodity value chain closed loop real quality tracking and supervision system of the whole chain for the enterprise, environmental quality really commercial ecological enterprises and consumers realize win-win, so that the integrity of the enterprise to get more market returns, let the fake and shoddy goods never lose sales terminal. Therefore, knowing the code can not only facilitate the consumers scan code shopping, more to protect the interests of consumers are not damaged, rest assured, rest assured that shopping scan code.


the electricity supplier war, flash purchase to really quality breaking, highlighting the differentiation advantage of the mobile end shopping, not only conforms to the new demand for consumer groups, the future trend is also consistent with consumer behavior changes to the mobile terminal. To effectively enhance the consumer online shopping experience, to protect the interests of consumers has an important significance for improving the quality of service of the entire electricity supplier industry has a great reference.