get right to the point, I think, e-commerce is the future commercial development of the king, as the saying goes, to see a world in a grain of sand, then, I do not want to argumentation about the importance of electronic commerce, I am an ordinary university student, then I simply demonstrate to me what happened to this viewpoint


with the development of society, the progress of science, the computer network has entered people’s life, has almost become an indispensable part of people’s life, for this new industry, learning to people’s daily life, work, the convenience is hidden huge commercial value. Looking for work is becoming more and more difficult for college graduates in the road, I think we should look out from the traditional job in the field of registering, a good look at the field of electronic commerce.

talk to pay attention to me now is conclusive evidence, studying at the Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin industry, is also a good school, but now our local school, graduates into the community, many people did not get a satisfactory job because it is the famous university graduates, unless there is a family relationship, can the back door. Otherwise, I think most people are in practice hard, start from the bottom, the lower their monthly salary, salary a month may not have their boss a meal! Why? In fact, very simple, it is because his boss, where the survival rate of several industries, the development of space now, he is big, is a member of the company, but the company has been stable, often with every kind of people in a good company, the company does not have you, will not change what! Anyway, because you not start playing spell of the first generation


said so much, I just want to express the contemporary college students should focus on the long-term, not others, after graduation they can easily find a job and just accept. In a mature and perfect enterprise, want to get the boss, it is not easy, I think young people should be a lot of hard work, not at this time when the fight fight? When young, if the status quo, in a company which is able to find a stable job, however, this life, I’m afraid there will not be much achievement! Young people, should be in the challenge of the emerging industry inside hard, so, in order to have the opportunity to become the "Founding hero"

now many traditional industries have been playing into the Red Sea, we can only find the blue ocean, in order to have more space to realize their value, in the University, we have studied linear algebra, calculus what after graduation is not estimated, there will not be much help for their own future however, if your school if there is a similar e-commerce elective or compulsory course, hope in college friends must pay attention to, which is relevant to your graduation work in the future, the necessary survival skills to make money.

in the future, the driver is a career that is likely to disappear, and now learn to take a driving test as part of a motorcycle driver is almost like