web site, do the promotion, is still the current enterprise network marketing is the most common and important means and methods. But the current enterprises have been faced with the flow of orders did not see the embarrassing situation, the problem is where?. Has become one of the urgent problems to be solved in the purchase of network marketing products and services.

everyone has a beauty of the people, the customer is even more so, because the money spent must be optimistic about the value, which is the traditional customer in the website most let these designers headaches. Today is an important reason to come up with a unified interpretation of the analysis. In the end the site is to the United States or to practical /

if your company is an enterprise of Haier such a large group, you can tell me your website as long as pretty good! China but for most small businesses, the site should not be an advertisement, it is a medium of communication, should be a practical tool. Otherwise, no one knows how beautiful advertising is equal to zero.

I’ll focus on how to build a practical website.

at present, there are a lot of website promotion methods, for example, can improve the site’s traffic through the implementation of search engine optimization or buy keyword advertising methods, but only the increase of traffic for business development is not enough, because the enterprise website promotion purpose is not in the search engine rankings, but to make these came to the site of the potential customers to buy their products, to achieve customer transformation, improve the site conversion rate.

although many site traffic, but they are passing through, can really become their own customers but talk much; but those website traffic only a few hundred, can accurately grasp the customer, what reason is this? Is the website traffic conversion rate in time, the website needs to do what work to increase customer conversion of


should first solve the problem is the user experience, what is the user experience, is the site’s visitors can not be on your site is very convenient, very comfortable to find what he needs. In general, there are three factors that affect the user experience:


site access speed: when visitors enter the site, the first feeling is the site of the open speed of response, if the page file is too large, or the web server is slow, the speed of opening more than 8 seconds, you can never lose the access to the user. In this, the business enterprise network business experts to remind each big webmaster, should pay attention to the choice of high speed and stable server and web site code design, website can use Div+Css structure, improve the site open speed.

Don’t appear typos,

2 website, typos will let users on your site have a poor impression. To affect the image of the company, that your company is very amateur.

3, page design enough atmosphere: the overall design of the site to make people look enough atmosphere". And web site design principles should be in line with people’s visual habits, including the background >