Yu Linglin

just eighteen days, the first Tmall Car Festival sold a total of 3430 cars. This is equivalent to a better performance of the 4S store sales in a month.

but this sales data and failed to withstand the test. In the survey of manufacturers and consumers have purchased the reporter in, found at least 1/3 sales is not from Tmall but by real users, distributors and customers in advance online online transactions settled.

network car is not a new thing, but it is still non mainstream." Gasgoo CEO Chen Wenkai. A joint survey shows gasgoo and the current network of the largest role: the distribution of motor vehicles is still mainly concentrated information value for consumers and dealers in the pre-sale. About 31% of people believe that to provide consumers with car buying information is the main impact of the current Internet to the distribution field.

online shopping is a trend, we will not give up this opportunity, but at present, it is difficult to form a net shopping climate, we judge at least until after 2020." Changan automobile a special study of automotive e-commerce related personnel told reporters.

gasgoo survey with the newspaper: the car is very complicated structure of goods, consumers may not only by observing and understanding the online transaction, touch, smell inside the car, they are accustomed to experience and feel the interior driving and then make the purchase decision, which means that consumers still need to the next line store experience, but also the process of car purchase involved in licensing, insurance and loans to many different services agency to provide, which have increased the complexity of the transaction, the method of online one-stop transaction.

online fuzzy pricing

is playing a more and more important role in car sales compared with a few years ago. Geely’s sales in Tmall rose from more than 1 thousand last year to nearly $3000 so far this year. Jac Yue Yue sales director Feng Qianbao also told reporters: JAC Yue Yue from the initial stage of more than and 100, sales growth to the current more than 1 thousand."

has been car manufacturers have been through the network to find consumer clues, manufacturers and car net, car home and other vertical sites more and more cooperation. To Geely, for example, the number of dealers to join the car home and BITAUTO were more than 400 and 300. And these sites bring sales leads, but also brings Geely sales of more than 2 thousand per year.

But compared with the

platform, Tmall can directly through Taobao want to communicate with consumers, and consumers can direct manufacturers in the Tmall flagship store to take a deposit and enjoy preferential manufacturers and Taobao. In addition, Tmall’s own browsing and attention is also unmatched by other automotive e-commerce platform.

, however, is different from other consumer goods,