login Google Adsense backstage today, found that Google’s search advertising more than one, from the style of the picture, very much like Baidu previously launched search box:


text description we can see that this is the promotion of google.cn, the keyword search box below that, the user can click to enter, and do not need to enter then submit, the passive to active. Green text has prompted this time into the income promotion, it should be an increase in commission. Now log in to your Google Adsense search code, try a new style of feeling, to see if you can really bring revenue surprises.

pay attention to the choice of search code to select the "add key link", there are two kinds of style "in the search box on the right shows the link", "to see the effect in the search box to display links, search box: new style


email SYVIP by the way, since you have chosen the Google G.cn short address, why also marked google.cn in the URL? He can use G.cn for publicity, can use his google.com is not very good in his LOGO and jump.? hope Google can pay attention to