October 20th, WeChat claims to the public, Baidu acquired a company called "new global purchase" cross-border electricity company to $200 million.

however, in October 21st organized the "cross-border e-commerce development summit, but the global purchase founder Zhang Zhendong denied the news. He replied to the media: "not be wholly acquired Baidu, although the original company (yo Village) was acquired by Baidu; recently does the capital level of the big news, which does BAT in an official; real news will be announced in the next Monday."


although Zhang Zhendong has just denied the acquisition of $200 million Baidu news, but the first Financial Daily reporters learned from insiders, Baidu did invest in a cross-border electricity supplier companies.

Baidu to the first Financial Daily reporters, said, now do not respond". Another Baidu investment department told the first Financial Daily reporters, the Ministry of public relations is not a response, will be unified to do a reply to this matter."

According to public information about the

, founded in March 2015 by Zhang Zhendong, the main proprietary cross-border B2C, and a live video module, can restore the overseas shopping scene, let the consumer with overseas shopping site real-time interactive staff, the whole concept of "self loading platform for cross-border electricity supplier of mobile video interactive technology". The current platform in the sale of goods, including beauty care, maternal and child supplies, as well as snacks, known as the selling price of the Japanese store price".

site Zhang Zhendong speech content shows that before the official launch of APP, the company has raised two rounds of funds, including Angel round $3 million, A round of nearly $10 million. The APP about the global share in July 1st on the line, the line for second months, has tens of millions of revenue.

addition, Zhang Zhendong and Baidu has a source, his other identity is that the long village (UUCUN) founder.

UUCUN is a Android market alliance for mobile phone manufacturers to provide application store solutions, founded in 2009 by Zhang Zhendong, in July 2013, to $60 million valuation was wholly acquired by Baidu. Public information display, the cumulative total of more than 200 million users of the product, after the completion of the acquisition of the company’s net profit more than doubled after the acquisition of the village of nearly 20 times, known as one of the best performing companies in the Baidu system. While paramita is two venture projects this year Zhang Zhendong left Baidu.


over the years, Baidu has been trying to enter the electricity supplier industry, but this road is very bumpy.

2008, Baidu launched the "ah" online shopping platform, I hope to have a network of real estate transactions and network community seamless integration. Later, ah, the fate is that in March 2011 to close the online retail business, and began to transform into a local life information service platform. The following year in March, ah, have been integrated