] January 7th news billion state power network, the day before, there is a business to reflect the state power grid, the only product under the flag of the group purchase channel, the only product group currently has from the PC line, all the business channel will be transferred to the mobile client on the only product group.

visited vip.com billion state power network is the official website of the PC, the home still retains the only product group entrance channel, but click into the find, originally the only product group channel page no longer support online orders, but through the two-dimensional code and download links to the only product group App. Channel pages to retain some of the goods displayed, but according to the above tips, these products still need to use the phone to buy APP.


therefore, billion state power network contacted the relevant person in charge of vip.com, the official confirmed that since December 25, 2014, vip.com sub channel "only product group" of the sale of goods will be officially optimized to the only product of mobile terminal group APP ". Prior to the membership in the PC end of the order will be shipped as usual and enjoy the corresponding after-sales service.

in fact, vip.com had already passed a few small initiatives to support the only product of the mobile terminal. There are businesses to disclose billion state power network, the only product group every day will launch a special offer products, sold only in mobile phone terminal, similar to that for money, "should be to cultivate the consumption habits of users."

for this adjustment, there are businesses that temporarily unable to assess the effect, need to wait and see a period of time. Currently, businesses need to cooperate with the main aspects of the picture is suitable for mobile phone size.

across the board to move to an independent App, which means that the future of the product only more business to rely on their own, the home page has been difficult to directly into the flow of orders, but only App installed capacity. This is undoubtedly a great test of its user loyalty.

is likely to reduce the number of users in the short term, but in the long run, it should be the direction of development." There are businesses to comment on. It believes that vip.com has been in the mobile terminal sales accounted for a relatively high, the only product will be transferred to the mobile terminal, the impact will not be particularly large.

According to

billion state power network to understand, only product under the flag of the group purchase channel only product group launched on April 2013, the main business is concentrated in the clothing, cosmetics, home accessories, snacks, physical category is mainly three or four line group purchase, supplier brands. Compared to the sale of vip.com, the only product group the price of goods is much lower (basically at 200 yuan). However, some businesses revealed that the recent only product group also tried to introduce some of the higher price of the brand, but the sales situation is not optimistic. "The only product or low price sell more regiment."

according to vip.com’s 2014 third quarter earnings report, vip.com’s orders from the mobile terminal has accounted for up to 57%.