– trainee newspaper reporter Liu Si

a few years ago is the most fashionable group purchase website, and take turns to Feng Shui, the most recent fire is none other than non takeaway O2O. People can see everywhere in uniform uniform, carrying a uniform take away the distribution of the box to walk in the streets.

however, and fire is not so appropriate that O2O takeaway business cooperation is often exposed the existence of food safety and unlicensed distribution etc..


, a U.S. official said in an interview with reporters, the "Securities Daily", "on the distribution of related qualifications, U.S. also hope that the relevant departments to give a clear specification."

public data shows, China’s current "People’s Republic of China food safety law" and "food circulation license management approach" in the relevant provisions is mainly aimed at traditional restaurants, and no license requirements clear or franchise management approach to takeaway emerging O2O platform.

O2O analysts, million European Network co-founder Huang Yuanpu told the "Securities Daily" reporter the interview said, "from a regulatory point of view, the overall support for entrepreneurship and innovation, with a takeaway O2O as long as it does not cause the market conflict and lead to food safety incident, the problem is not big".

U.S. mission network

distance themselves from their responsibility

days before consumers have told the media that the U.S. breakfast business in the distribution, by the territorial inspectors check. It is understood, and the daily delivery to different households, American breakfast delivery generally take the unified service office, by the user from mentioning the way. Which an undocumented downstairs became "secretly stall stalls".

national enterprise credit information publicity system, including the United States, most of the takeaway takeaway O2O business scope is the Internet technology, there is no food and beverage related distribution business.

and Beijing according to the "Regulations" means of production market management thirty-third, operators to enter the market should be approved in accordance with the administrative department for Industry and Commerce of the scope of business, mode of operation, in the designated place according to Liang (card) business. Any business operator shall not arbitrarily set up their stalls in the market; the "People’s Republic of China food safety law" article twenty-ninth: national licensing system for food production. Engaged in food production, food circulation and catering services, food production license shall be, food distribution license, food service license obtained in accordance with the law; "food circulation license management approach" article sixth: food business operators shall obtain the "food circulation permit" in accordance with the law, to the administrative department for Industry and commerce registration jurisdiction to apply for business registration. Without obtaining the food circulation license and business license, shall not engage in food management.


, a U.S. official told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, at present, a U.S. distribution, with business cooperation staff distribution to users. The U.S. is an information and trading platform.

takeaway O2O wait rules clear