almost a year, I remember last year, CNNIC issued a notice: in March 7, 2007 at 12 noon on December 31, 2007 to register between and CN English domain name is only $1, the registered life of 1 years.

at that time, the name is changed Chinese CN domain name, webmaster crazy registered, 1 yuan almost free, netizens laughed, SEO smiled, CNNIC laughed.

because of this,

blog family in the virtual space flooding the network, no longer rely on the blog hosting business, he began to have their own network space!

SEO smiled, the price of 1 yuan, I do not know how many keywords search, to bring more traffic to their own network.

CNNIC smiled, in the days before the meeting of the ICANN (International ICANN) conference, CEO and President Paul · tumme forecast, China national domain name ".CN" scale will exceed 10 million, becoming the world’s largest top national domain.

but in the near 1 years period (March 8, 2008), more CN domain domain name began in the hands of the "appreciation" not to renew the


SEO also because of the increase in costs, began to abandon this feast last year, learned to give up.

has just won the world’s largest top-level domain name award CNNIC, perhaps only enjoy this short pleasure!

in a hurry, we may be just a question: "what we need is a not essential domain name or a real website


me too, last year, the rise of the registered N multi domain names, mostly short-lived, there is little real construction. Haha