e-commerce website development advantage in local products, products to the pursuit of localization, local characteristics, external products very little impact on their own, with local advantages and product advantages, the local electronic commerce station in order to local development.

the following factors are more important

1 must accurately locate the site keywords. Do key words that are likely to bring high-quality customer search engine.

2 site program selection: it is recommended to use a large CMS, because this program has done a super SEO, the impact on the future development of the site is essential.

3 product page recommend the use of local characteristics to describe the way more picture information, so the user experience better than text, suggestions in the product display to increase local cultural information page, thereby increasing access to the customer’s desire to buy.

4 user reviews. Users to buy products will generally look at comments, poor comments and no comments will make the user’s heart is not practical. To give up buying. Suggestions and comments.

5 recommends adding question answering system. The establishment of this system can make the overall weight of the site was improved Baidu. Baidu weight algorithm is mainly based on the Baidu index, and the site keywords ranking, etc.. Simply say that the higher the weight of Baidu, Baidu site traffic is higher, there is no fear of traffic orders. Improve the site Baidu weight is a difficult task.

6 soft writing, direct original, contribute local news website. Rather than forum post, and so on the basic outdated promotion.

7 release related questions and answers. For example: selling clothes, you can write: what brand of clothes, and so on the name of the article into the question and answer system, or the external weight of the high Q & a system. This question and answer system was collected after Baidu users want to search through the site to enter the site to purchase the product, so the probability of orders is not a lot of big?. Of course, such soft writing or writing points, not copy.

8 do website home page links. Recommended to buy high quality links, such as local information stations, government stations.

9 to reduce site positioning, it is recommended to find a rating target station, beyond the search for the target station in the second. Rather than a direct goal is excellence, Jingdong.

completed the above several basic to do from SEO to SEM., which brings a large number of orders. The above is a personal opinion on the City Marshal, want to help your website development. Thank you!

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