as a seller, what you care about most: shop decoration? Baby? Or supply problems and so on? If you pay close attention to a deal at the root of the problem: buyers feel? But you lost in the shop decoration, baby promotion in the maze, if you think about others what to buy in the purchase process most in need of


why some shops, the decoration is very beautiful, very high traffic, a lot of people visit every day, but it is not a deal, in simple terms, because customers do not fancy your baby. Why don’t you fancy it? It’s not what the customer needs. What does the customer really need? That’s what we’re talking about today. Today’s guests are more special, because she is not a seller, is a pure buyer, but not an ordinary buyer, she has 5 fans group, the number of fans of the 100 thousand. As a senior buyer, she should be the best understanding of what buyers need

let us approach the Taobao half price MM listen to her understanding of Taobao:

Taobao shopping experience

I am

from the beginning of the 04 year contact Taobao, but also the beginning of that time will not buy Taobao than now is not mature, then slowly Taobao in the growth, I also grow, have a lot of experience of Taobao, then registered MM half this number, did not expect this name will become the brand Oh, with fans, buy a lot of good stuff.

often organize activities

now I have 5 fans, each one is almost full state, every Monday will be 35 time in my diary to recommend a three half price of goods, of course, the majority of these products are approved by me personally, or that I bought, I just want to let the fans through me give them to build a platform to buy more and better things. Recently still do myself a very proud thing is to call on everyone to the countryside children books, build a library of love, this call is delivered, the support and response to many buyers and sellers, the heart is very touched.

how to gather popularity

I do is the first batch of people, at that time, Taobao has a lot of good policy, coupled with the half price MM this name may be too attractive to buyers, huh, huh, huh, huh. I often update my Amoy to the good things in the log, we may do I, the amount of fans now have about 10W, it seems that everyone is more love in such a way, then I will continue in this way, will find more businesses such as group purchase, seckill such activities, the platform the goal is to build a good, with fans to find Taobao’s baby

how to filter the business

I used to

first, or my buyers shop price priority, high priority, I in the gang, log and fans have special knowledge of how goods what fans need, so I will be targeted to recommend something for them. And the most important thing, I don’t care about this