in 2010, we have introduced a model of Taiwan Daily’s website crazy to sell off, was founded at the beginning of really good development, but a matter of daily group purchase mode A new force suddenly rises. soon, lonely, become a failed business model, which makes the crazy sell-off in 2011 was in the dying year struggle, was acquired by other companies to avoid collapse.

crazy to sell off the transition to group purchase website, in the past three years the elimination rate reached 75% in the super competitive industry, it survived last year, revenues of NT $300 million yuan, compared with the beginning of 2008, over 99 times, among the Taiwan network group purchase the first four, estimated 2014 revenue of NT $1 billion, it is expected and the Groupon Taiwan station and PayEasy’s group purchase network 17Life, a second position for group purchase website.

This is why

ants can survive? The key lies in the survival of commodities. "Not more than the number of goods, not faster than the speed of delivery, low cost, no bargaining power we are too small!" crazy to sell off the founder know that they cannot and manufacturers hard, can only "commodity", "no one else is selling"


2012, the company decided to develop customized products, non standardized specifications lock snacks class start, looking for the self-employed bakery cooperation nougat soda biscuit, the popular, sold 1 million tablets in four months, the performance of 10 million yuan.


store heartless, cookies red, is also transferred to the entity retail suppliers manufacturers no longer give priority to supply arms, crazy sell-off.

at the end of 2013, more crazy to sell off the first to introduce a "cake" potted plant, the Tiramisu cake in the palm of the plastic pot, put small edible bean sprouts, stone lotus and strawberry, three in succession in two months sold a total of 186 thousand, the average day can sell 3 thousand, with a price of 49 yuan, sold a total of about 9100000 yuan, almost crazy to sell off the goods over the most popular animal action power of a single grade of $10 million.

and this type of customized goods for crazy to bring the customer to sell 20% to 40% of the gross margin.

in addition to dessert snacks, mobile power, socks and other products factory in Taiwan, but also have become crazy to sell customized items. After two years of water temperature, tasted the lessons also eat the sweetness of the proportion of customized goods sold on crazy sales, is expected to rise to 20% this year (the other is the public circulation of goods in the 80%).

crazy to sell off the subject of others can not steal? "High margin customized products must understand the supply chain, too much time, manufacturing technology and good at thinking, engage in marketing network platform and no such DNA. "This is the China electronic commerce is the rise of the" front shop "trend," the front is behind the pathway to understand plant. "

to achieve the "front shop" needs investment, still must take into account some of the online shopping "selling now.