in March 15th this year, let China group purchase industry collective panic Gaopeng finally opened his first single business; a famous social networking site Facebook in recent days is likely to launch the group purchase service; user base breaking millions of happy net recently in the layout of independent group purchase……

all these are hidden a deep trends 2011 group purchase trade competition in dire straits.

2010 is the first year of the year founded the group purchase group purchase, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in a short period of time across the Chinese, the formation of the e-commerce industry, the most dazzling "thousand group war"; in 2011, when Groupon, Tencent, Qihoo 360, happy net strength of many predators and fashion VC came tumbling forth, group purchase industry in the future is more full imagine, from the barbaric growth to the scale of development, group purchase industry reshuffle has begun.

Oriental Daily News reporter Zhu Guoyan

The 2011

group purchase website advertising burn may exceed 1 billion

, we have this year’s advertising budget at least 200 million of it, the handle is also a network of 200 million, the entire industry must be more than 1 billion." Industry insiders revealed. Outdoor, network, building advertising, advertising has become a battlefield in the battle to buy.

is behind the hot money burn anchaoyongdong, over the past year, the field of electronic commerce financing, 1/3 to handle network group purchase: $55 million financing, the U.S. group net to get $15 million financing, claimed to get $100 million financing, Everfount funds are flowing to the industry competition group purchase, and this situation industry.

holding capital large group purchase website for squeezing out competitors, have reduced rebate, and even subsidize their own group purchase. The war has rung, bloody battle intensified, the outcome is hard to determine.

industry sources, many group purchase website launched lottery or super low prices to attract users, and even money market, it is actually quite upset. However, with the fierce competition to buy the network, low price is not the primary factor to attract Internet users to buy, but in the long run, for the rational operation of the group buying industry harmful.

how to make customers stick a little sticky


group purchase website independent busy advertising burn is to pull the user, itself has a huge user base of Tencent, Qihoo 360 is happy, more advantages? They can share more of the cake


according to iResearch consulting statistics, the proportion of customers concerned about the daily purchase of only 33.7%, lower than the proportion of new customers by 46.8%. How to generate user stickiness? Has user habits, Qihoo 360 are Tencent, happy to let the independent group purchase website can offer the advantage.

home appliances China Network commentator Jian Jiping said: Tencent’s biggest advantage is undoubtedly a huge user base, which is the basis for it to enter the group. 360 navigation holding the user installed capacity of 300 million, has been >